Our choices make AMA jewels more sustainable than traditional precious jewellery.

Our commitment to the choice of raw materials allows us to create a jewel with gold and diamonds that do not derive from mining operations.

AMA has chosen to collaborate with zeroCO2.

For every jewel sold, AMA will donate a tree to Tanzania with the dual aim of offsetting CO2 and supporting a project to fight desertification and female empowerment.

Several hundred trees from the AMA forest are found in Tanzania, in the Monduli District, a small cluster of villages on a plateau in the Great Rift Valley.

The trees will support farming families in resisting the climate crisis and will contribute to female empowerment.

Our project is in favor of Maasai women who are traditionally vulnerable as a social position in local families and communities.

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Registered office: Via Poggio del sole superiore, 1/1 Albissola Marina (SV) Italy