Each AMA jewel is customisable and unique.AMA is an innovative Italian company that combines craftsmanship, attention to sustainability and technology.
Attention to sustainability

AMA chooses to use exclusively recycled 18kt gold and man-made and IGI/GIA certified diamonds.

We work to set diamonds created by certified zero-CO2 emissions companies on our jewels.

We create the jewel exclusively with recycled gold coming from reuse and not from new mining.

We collaborate with zeroCO2 to offset emissions in the artisanal creation of jewellery by participating in a reforestation project.

The artisans

A precious jewel is born by going through a complex artisanal process that is still carried out manually: thanks to the work of talented and expert craftsmen, the precious AMA jewels come to life. We preserve the manual and artisanal skills of each laboratory that collaborates with AMA both to enhance each artistic content and manufacturing excellence and to preserve an entire supply chain which is among the excellences of MADE IN ITALY on a global level. No one in the world can boast a tradition and experience equal to the Italian one, which even today and even more so with AMA goes well with technological evolution to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding and careful consumer in their choices.


AMA chooses the most advanced technology at the service of craftsmanship and sustainability.


Technological evolution is the basis of diamond production, accompanies the consumer in personalising the jewel and follows, monitors and manages the artisans in the production process of each AMA jewel.


The skills of the various artisans specialised in individual processes or components are enhanced by AMA's innovative and patented management system which coordinates and monitors them.


Digitalisation in logistics/operational management allows the manufacturing supply chain to be competitive on a global level while maintaining the artistic and qualitative excellence typical of Made in Italy.

Administrative headquarters: Via G. Donizetti, 14 15048 Valenza (AL) Italy

Registered office: Via Poggio del sole superiore, 1/1 Albissola Marina (SV) Italy