The Gioielleria Italiana S.r.l. website uses cookies. As clarified by the Privacy Guarantor in the FAQ of December 2012, available on, cookies are "small text files" - made up of letters and numbers - "that the sites sent by the user send to his terminal (usually to the browser ), where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same sites at the next visit by the same user”. Cookies have the function of streamlining the analysis of web traffic or of signalling when a specific site or part of it is visited, of distinguishing visitors from each other in order to provide personalised content, and help administrators to improve the site and their browsing experience. Through cookies it is not possible to access other information stored on your device, even if this is where the cookies are downloaded. Cookies cannot load codes of any kind, convey viruses or malware and are not harmful to the user's terminal. Below you can find all the information on the cookies installed through this site and the necessary information on how to manage your preferences in this regard.

User consent

By connecting for the first time to any page of Gioielleria Italiana S.r.l. , the user will see a brief information on the use of cookies. By closing this information using the appropriate button or by clicking outside the banner that contains it and continuing to browse, the user consents to our use of cookies, according to the methods described in this Cookie Policy. The site remembers the choice made by the user, therefore the short information will not be repeated in subsequent connections from the same device. However, the user always has the possibility to revoke all or part of the consent already expressed. If you encounter technical problems related to the provision of consent, please contact us through the appropriate channels provided by this site so that we can provide you with assistance.

What types of cookies we use

To allow the use of our site and the provision of our services, we use both so-called persistent cookies (i.e. cookies that remain in memory until they are manually deleted by the user or for which a scheduled long-term removal is envisaged) and so-called session cookies, which are not stored permanently on the visitor's computer and disappear when the browser is closed.


Session/navigation technicians (user consent is not required to release this type of cookie): they are essential for the correct functioning of the site and allow the user to navigate and view the contents. Their possible deactivation would lead to malfunctions of the site. Generally, cookies of this type are necessary, for example, to keep a browsing session open or to allow the user to access any restricted areas. Furthermore, they can temporarily remember the texts entered when filling out a form, when you return to a previous page during the same session. Technical/functional (the user's consent is not required to release this type of cookie): they allow the user to make the most of the peculiarities of the site and enjoy more comfortable navigation. The site works ideally if these cookies are enabled and are therefore strongly recommended; However, you can decide not to allow its activation on your device. In general, for example, cookies of this type remember in which language the user prefers to view our content or remember the items in the virtual cart in case the session is closed before completing the purchase.


Analytics statistics (user consent is required to release this type of cookie): they are used to collect information on how users navigate on our site. This information is analysed in aggregate form for statistical purposes only. They are not necessary, but they are of great help in allowing us to improve our contents and our services based on the indications we obtain from the analysis of statistics. Profiling/advertising (user consent is required to release this type of cookie): they are used to present you with content, including advertising, that is more suitable for you. They can also be used, for example, to limit the number of times an advertising content is proposed or to help us evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns on our websites. They are not necessary, but they allow us to offer you content closer to your interests.

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